McHenry County is home

I attended Coventry Elementary and graduated from Crystal Lake Central High. GO TIGERS! Through the Park District I learned to swim and play soccer. In my neighborhood people were friendly and there was a sense of community. We had block parties and all of the neighborhood kids would play together. After graduating college, I explored the midwest, but I knew that when the time came to raise a family, I wanted my children to have access to the education, beaches, and community that I had growing up. Here I am! My daughter just started kindergarten at Coventry Elementary.

I am ready to help shape the future of the community that shaped me. I have a Paralegal Degree, Masters in Public Administration, a Masters of Business Administration  and 16 years of customer service experience. I work at Follet and I am on the Lake Advisory Committee of Crystal Lake. I am excited about the opportunity to work with our community and McHenry County Board members to create a climate that is beneficial to business, recreation, environment, and agriculture. We have a great landscape that needs protection and expansion, ensuring that the environment of McHenry County is preserved for future generations.   

Lets Grow Together McHenry County